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Use these customizable presentation templates to promote Chambers Plan at your next event or board meeting. Whether you’re looking to create interest among new members or convince your board to spend more on marketing Chambers Plan, these presentations will help you hit all the right messages.

Ways to customize the presentations:

  • Remove slides to fit your ideal length

  • Focus on the issues most relevant to your members or board

  • Add your chamber logo to the first slide

  • Add your contact information to the last slide


This presentation includes:

  • Why employee benefits are important

  • What’s included in Chambers Plan

  • What sets Chambers Plan apart from other plans

  • Free plan add-ons

  • Member testimonials


This presentation includes:

  • Chambers Plan’s connection to the chamber network

  • What sets Chambers Plan apart from other plans

  • Who is eligible for Chambers Plan

  • What issues Chambers Plan solves for members

  • How Chambers Plan benefits your chamber and the whole chamber network

  • What the chamber is responsible for

  • How board members can be a Chambers Plan Ambassador


*Additional customization: add your Chambers Plan member count and administration fee revenue (slide 12)

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