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Social media is a great way to generate interest from members and potential members about the value of Chambers Plan.


Download and incorporate the ads below into your social media campaigns. Don't forget to link back to Chambers Plan's website or Facebook page


National Marketing Campaign

The following are social media posts for your chamber to use that will support the advertising that your local advisors are doing through Chambers Plan's Marketing Services Program. With this coordination, we have the opportunity to create a paid and organic marketing campaign that will have a consistent message across the country. 

Additional posts


1200 PX x 628 PX


1200 PX x 1200 PX


1024 PX x 512 PX

All of the ads displayed above are available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
All dimensions are width by height.


Written posts
Need some help with written posts? Here are some ready-made posts to pair with the images above.

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