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Whether you’re brand new to the chamber world or a seasoned executive, the Chamber Accelerator is a quick and easy way to deepen your understanding of both chambers of commerce and Chambers Plan. 

Relevant topics that apply directly to your job

Chamber Basics

We'll cover everything you need to know about chambers of commerce, the benefits of membership and tips on how to talk to prospective members.

Chambers Plan

Modules will go over the foundations of Chambers Plan, how it benefits your members and how it brings in revenue for your chamber.

Online learning that fits your needs & schedule

In less than five minutes per day over a couple months, you can learn the chamber basics. You can access the modules from your desktop or mobile device, making training available anytime, anywhere.

Daily activities that build your knowledge base

Each day, you’ll receive a reminder to go into Chamber Accelerator and master concepts through multiple choice, true or false and fill-in-the-blank questions. You’ll get feedback right away and links to additional resources if you want to learn more about a specific topic.


This should take less than five minutes, leaving you the rest of your day to put that knowledge into practice.

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